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What is zopiclone?
The medication zopiclone is used to treat insomnia or transient sleep disorders. It speeds up the process of falling asleep and prevents nighttime awakenings. Your brain’s neurotransmitters are affected, causing you to feel at ease and asleep. Only when other non-drug treatments fail is zopiclone prescribed. Learn more about how to get better sleep.

Only utilise the smallest dose of zopiclone for a brief period of time (usually for up to 5 to 10 days, and only 2 to 4 times a week). It shouldn’t be utilised frequently or for extended periods of time. This is because it takes only a short while for your body to adjust, and after that it is unlikely to have the same impact. It might also cause your body to get reliant on it.

It is best to keep practicing relaxation methods when taking zopiclone. Learn more about sleep, insomnia, and how to make your sleeping patterns better.


  • One tablet of zopiclone is often taken before night.
  • Older individuals should take a lesser dose (half a pill) (over 65 years of age). By using this lower dosage, you lessen your likelihood of experiencing side effects like falls.
  • The half-life of zolpidem is about one hour.
  • For a brief period, your doctor will recommend the lowest dose.
  • Always take zopiclone exactly as prescribed by your doctor. The dosage, frequency, and any specific instructions are listed on the pharmacy label of your medication.

How to take zopiclone

  • Use zopiclone only if necessary. Zopiclone does not have to be taken every night.
  • Use zopiclone only if you are unable to fall asleep using sleep hygiene techniques in the first place.
  • Completely inhale the pill. Do not chew it or smash it.
  • Take zopiclone along with some water.
  • If you wake up during the night from sleep, avoid taking zopiclone.

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